Scientists Have Developed Liquid Solar Energy System That Can Store Electricity For 18 Years

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So this sounds like we could potentially develop a “car fuel” system for electric cars. Just swap out the drained liquid fuel, fill up tank with new liquid from pump.


So how scalable is this for mass production and when?


Fusing the liquid solar energy storage solution with a thermoelectric generator, an ultra-thin chip, researchers could re-harness the power. The tech can be added to smartwatches and headphones to power them. As of now, this technology has only been used for creating small amounts of electricity, however, researchers claim the results are very promising and can allow them to tweak the system further to allow more energy to be extracted.


There are many ways to store energy. The trick, which is still elusive, it to retrieve the energy efficiently. Right now, batteries can return over 90% of the energy stored. Pumped hydro can return 70%. Thermoelectric, which is part of the system described, is much less efficient.


article fails to mention the most important part: what is the density of the storage? How many joules can be stored per gram of liquid? sorry, but if it’s like 1 joule per gram, this is not a good solution. Maybe it’s like that, maybe it’s not. article tells us nothing.