Scientists hope to broadcast DNA and Earth’s location for curious aliens | Beacon of Galaxy message could be sent into heart of Milky Way, where life is deemed most likely to exist

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Hi! Here is our DNA so you can manufacture a bioweapon to eradicate our entire species in advance of your invasion, hope this helps!


This is an awful idea. Even if the chances of other civilizations being out there is low, and the chances of another civilization being aggressive is low (which I doubt), then we’re still exposing ourselves to an existential risk. Why roll a d100 to see if all human life gets wiped out?


Just to run into the same problem that any communication over long (interstellar) distances has: signal attenuation. IIRC the transmission strength needed to send a message to Alpha Centauri (4.1ly) is over a megawatt on a transmission dish a little under 100m diameter. And that would only be receivable by a dish that large on the other side. To go further? Exponentially increasing power requirements and transmission footprint.


The outside ring of the galaxy is the nice part. The middle is where all the rough types live.


75,000 years to reach the centre and 75,000 years to hit back. Meanwhile, humans edit their DNA, checkmate 🙂