SEC Uncovers $194 Million Penny Stock Schemes that Spanned Three Continents

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“But rich people don’t buy penny stocks, they just don’t. Because they’re too smart, that’s why not.“


How about the elephant in the room SEC?


Ah yes the SEC going for the big bucks as always /s Gtfo out of here with this chump change shit


Oh I didn’t know the SEC bothered to investigate things anymore – I thought they were just an early warning system for the thieves these days.


Complaint 1: All Vancouver-led court petitioned zombie and debt takeovers and assignment of ‘notes’ which were converted into free-trading shares then pumped and dumped through offshore accounts. Zenosense (ZENO), Envoy Group (ENVV) name changed to Black Cactus Global (BLGI), Enviro Technologies, Intl. (ETII), Drone Guarder (DRNG) Complaint 2: UK-based pump-and-dump schemes North American Oil (NAMG), American Helium (AHELF), Steampunk Wizards (SPWZ), Polar PEtroleum (POLR), Lifelogger (LOGG), Blue Eagle Petroleum (BEAG) Complaint 3: Canadian pump-and-dump of U.S. microcap stocks Blake Therapeutics (BKOT), Bingo Nation (BLTO), Drone Guarder (DRNG), Horizon Minerals (HZNM), I-Wellness Mktg (IWMG) formerly (MONK), Oroplata Resources (ORRP), Preston Corp. (PSNP), Vilacto Bio (VIBI), Zeonsense (ZENO) Anyone own or traded these tickers?