Sen. Warren pushes TurboTax for answers about its efforts to block free tax filing

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I just used Turbotax last week. On at least 3 occasions it tried to get me to pay for the service. Then near the end it tried dumping off on another service that would provide me with my refund on a prepaid debit card. Fuck you, Direct Deposit that shit.


Can we please, for fuck’s sake, have the IRS tell us how much we owe them, if any, so we can send them that exact amount and be done? Fuck!


Free tax USA works pretty well.


Should talk to H&R Block too…charged me $60 for some sort of savings credit that didn’t do shit for me.


From the article: > Many of Warren’s complaints center on the Free File program, an IRS partnership with a nonprofit coalition of tax prep companies founded in 2003 to provide free tax services to low-income filers. Under the terms of the partnership, 2021 filers with an adjusted gross income of $73,000 or less are eligible for the services, which are listed on the IRS website. > Intuit’s participation in the program came under criticism after a series of ProPublica reports showed that both Intuit and H&R Block had misled Free File-eligible filers into paying to file their taxes. The companies also deliberately made the free versions of their software difficult to find in online search results, according to ProPublica. Intuit left the Free File program in 2021.