Sex shops would sell a lot more products if they had self-checkout

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My hometown has an “autonomous” sexy shop. There is a light on the entrance, green means there is nobody inside and you can enter, red means someone is inside making a purchase. You enter showing some sort of document in the entrance, I don’t really remember honestly but something that would be able to guarantee your age basically. Inside there are a bunch of vending machines with all sorts of products, you select what you want, the machine drops it for you and you leave. Guaranteed privacy, no awkwardness with employees or other customers, as much time as you want to buy without feeling judged and also quite cost effective for whoever owns the place. The only problem is that they place it on a pretty busy street so you can’t really go if it’s not very late at night otherwise you will be seen by pretty much anyone lol


Agree 100% Walk in don’t talk to fuckin nobody: grab your vibrating 5000 penis sucker 3000 with built in jackhammer abilities and VR compatible titties. And your good to go!


Nah. I worked in one. Most people have no idea what they want/need. If you let them go without any guidance most people would hurt themselves, their partners, or just unwittingly orchestrate terrible sexual experiences. Nobody who works in one cares about your kink. They’ve seen it all and then some. If you’re really that embarrassed, shop online.


If you’re not mature enough to buy a suction cup mounted, soda can width dong with realistic veining, are you mature enough to own a suction cup mounted, soda can width dong with realistic veining.


personally every time my ex wife and i went to the sex shop the attendants were absolute godsends. they walked us around, explained how to use stuff in different ways, suggested products in various price ranges based on our comfort level, and made sure to raid the system and apply every deal/discount they possibly could. if i want self checkout ill just buy my shit online, since i clearly already know what im doing. otherwise i like to be in a store with the person explaining things to me since i dont know better myself. coincidentally that is also why i pretty much never set foot in a best buy. literally nothing in there i cant just order myself, and i really REALLY dont need employee assistance to make my purchase.