Soaring food prices push more Cargill family members on to world’s richest 500 list | The super-rich

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And these people have the audacity to ask why so many of the 99% don’t want to work under current conditions. Shameful.


Prepandemic, we were buying food for a 6 person house and we spent about $150 to $190 a week. Now we are spending close $250 every week for the same amount or less at times.


Just more proof that most cost increases are post covid opportunism. I’m trying to think what came first, price increases in building supplies (steel, insulation, cladding etc) or on fuel. Those companies are the ones that deserve your ire as they basically started this shit. Demand outstripping supply leading to some nice opportunities from price increases.


Well, this is both expected and disgusting. Fuck all these fuckers.


Whew, finally some good news! I’ve been frantically worrying about how the Cargills will manage to make it in these trying times…