Spain: Atheism and agnosticism on the rise in pandemic times

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Last night I rewatched The Passion Of the Christ. I liked it the first time I saw it and even cried during it. Not because of what was depicted happening to JeBuS, but for Mary, because as a parent, I felt her anguish at seeing her baby boy getting the 💩 beat out of him. Anyway, decided to watch it after a great day eating brunch and drinking bottomless mimosas and vodka tonics and not sitting in a church. And as I’m watching this, I don’t think I’m having the reaction that Gibson intended. All I’m thinking is, damn! This so-called, all powerful god doesn’t even answer his son’s prayers and religious idiots think this mythical being is paying attention to theirs?! 😅


Born and raised Catholic here. I started to pull away from the church as I got into my teens and 20’s. But the last three years have shown me so much misery that I know there can’t possibly be a god.


Well, religion handled and continues to handle the pandemic very, very badly. Especially evangelicals. Their extreme dishonesty and greed became very, very apparent in their over the top resistance to all attempts to lower the contagion rates and death rates. They politicised a virus in the United States, knowingly told massive lies about the virus, the vaccines, and masks, while giving insane medical advice, pretending that Jesus would protect christians from the virus, when not pretending that the virus was a hoax. The death rate among evangelicals was Very high in North America because the vaccination rates were so low among them. It became super obvious that those preachers were missing that weekly cash injection in a big way. They did not care how many of their “flock” died as a result of their efforts to keep churches operating during the pandemic.


The past two years have definitely solidified my atheism


I think it’s on the rise world wide!