Spain makes it a crime for pro-lifers to harrass women outside abortion clinics

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Meanwhile, most of America is making it a crime to have an abortion even if you’re a 12 year old rape victim.


When my wife got pregnant a few years ago and WE WERE KEEPING THE CHILD, we still got harassed in the parking lot and the clinic. My wife’s insurance was out of state and Planned Parenthood was the only place we could get an affordable ultra sound at the time. These people are fucking whackjobs. We even discussed an exit strategy to GTFO out of there because some psycho followe us in and wouldn’t stop staring us down. It was god damn frightening. **Edit**: Wow, really didn’t expect all these comments. The support is so greatly appreciated. Today, my family is doing great, we never think about this incident, and are luckily in a much better financial position (and obviously, we switched her healthcare). I don’t deserve any sympathy but I wanted to bring attention to this as my heart goes out to people who may be in a similar situation as we were a few years ago. Also, the reason I didn’t tell any of the psychos that we weren’t there for an abortion is it’s none of their fucking business. However, I wouldn’t judge anyone that would do that to make them feel safer.


>pro-lifers They are pro-birth not pro-life. They dont care what happens to the life after its born, otherwise they would all be adopting.


Please don’t say “pro life”


Can we start just calling them “anti-abortionists”?