‘Stain on Democracy’: Tax Day Study Shows US Billionaires Now Own $4.7 Trillion

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When debating the issue inequality in the wealth gap a lot of rhetoric goes into what is earned and or deserved. For me that isn’t necessarily relevant. The argument should be about what’s best for society. Whether allowing individuals to hold so much wealth is good for the population at large.


For a little perspective, that astronomical figure is shared by just **735** **billionaires** (per the article)–a happy little group that represents just **0.0002%** of the US population.


The gap continues to widen. Soon, soon.


I’ve gotten raises during COVID, been employed the whole time, and make less money now than I did 2 years ago because of inflation and rising costs. Middle class and poor people never get ahead. One step forward, two steps back.


This is what ended Rome, Greece, and Babylon, but America is *different*, so I’m sure we’re fine.