Starbucks Is Blocking Union Activists and Workers on Twitter | Leaders of Starbucks Workers United said that the company has ramped up its efforts to silence pro-union workers since Howard Schultz stepped up as CEO in April.

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It’s mostly embaressing because all the CEO cares about it how it will look on his record to take over a company to have everyone immediately unionize. He’s just trying to save his ass and make more money.


Before social media is ubiquitous, you can get away with Schultz’s playbook of declaring “I’m not anti-union” while quietly conduct union-busting ops as long as the guys at CNN help you cover it all up. Not anymore lol.


It seems like this would backfire by making headlines like this one.


It’s just like any company. The place I work in the UK the union rep there has had his hours cut, his partner made redundant and they constantly are after him for any small small thing. It just goes to show how companies will act to not help its employees…


America is a bit late in unionizing