Swedish police shoot 3 during fresh riots

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Burning the book, making sure it’s in a high population muslim area, is incredibly provocative and a total dick move. However, when you start with the violence and rioting, you lose the high ground. It’s not the last Quran, they can print many more, it’s not an old valuable version of it. It’s just a religious right-wing nutjob burning something he bought with his own money. What they should have done was laughed at and mocked him, this rioting… it’s a childish response. These provocateurs are always trying to drag you down to their level, don’t let them.


Oh god, the stats for police related shooting in Sweden are gonna skyrocket from 2 people a year to 5.


“While labeling Paludan a “right-wing extremist fool, whose only goal is to drive violence and divisions,” Johannsson said that “Sweden is a democracy and in a democracy, fools also have freedom of speech.” “Those who attack the police are criminals. There is no other way to deal with them than to put up a hard fight,” he insisted.”


they should hold another rally, then. keep doing it until these assholes are cleaned up by the police or learn they don’t get to enforce their religious doctrine on anyone else.


“fresh” kinda undermines the gravity of the situation