Swedish Ruling Party to Back NATO Entry Bid

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Min gode nabo, Sverige ! This will also mean we can share equipment during NATO exercises. And we get another well trained and highly professional military to stand by each others sides. Håper freden bevares, deres nordlige nabo Norge ønsker dere hjertelig velkommen til NATO.


They had brief on this about hour ago. Nobody claimed that they would join NATO. They only said that they would “seriously” talk about it. There is no decisive action coming from either Finnish or Swedish leaders. Their response is literally just saying that they will talk about it.


#Sweden’s Social Democrats Change Tack on NATO (11:55 a.m.) >Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson and other Social Democratic Party leaders will support a bid to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization by June, newspaper Svenska Dagbladet reported, citing party sources it didn’t identify. >The party has been a long-time holdout in the debate on whether Sweden should join NATO, officially opposing an entry and arguing that any application should have strong support among lawmakers. Its backing would mean majority backing for the bid in parliament. >Finland has also seen a tectonic shift in attitudes toward NATO membership following the invasion of Ukraine, and is set to kick off a process that is likely to end in joining the military alliance. Russia has repeatedly warned both states will face consequences if they do. 


If you actually read Swedish news, no decision has been made and the discussions within the party are happening soon. A decision is expected on May 24. It seems like they’ll end up with a “yes” but it could still change. If they do end up supporting it, and Finland does as well, then we have very strong support for NATO across the political spectrum and then joining is basically guaranteed.


The Finnish government presented a report Wednesday to the country’s parliament on the fundamental security changes that have occurred following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The wide-ranging report included an assessment on whether Finland should purse closer cooperation with NATO and considered the effects of a possible NATO membership. If Finland and Sweden become full NATO members, the report said “the threshold for using military force in the Baltic Sea region would rise,” enhancing “the stability of the region in the long term.”  Membership would include signing up to NATO’s founding principle of collective defense — commonly referred to as Article 5 — which means that an attack against one NATO ally is considered as an attack against all allies. For Finland, the report outlined that “the most significant effect of its possible NATO membership would be that Finland would be part of NATO’s collective defence, and be covered by the security guarantees enshrined in Article 5.” The deterrent effect of being a NATO member would be “considerably stronger than it is at present, as it would be based on the capabilities of the entire Alliance,” the report said, and “Finland would be prepared to support other NATO member countries in a possible Article 5 situation.” The report outlined that possible membership in NATO “would significantly expand the area of the Alliance, double its land border with Russia, and move the Alliance closer to strategically important areas in Russia,” such as the Kola Peninsula and St. Petersburg.