Talking to Putin is ‘just a waste of time,’ said Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi

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This from a guy with experience talking to Silvio Berlusconi.


Wow Italy knows what’s up and in true Italian fashion just straight up say it


In the end it all comes down to Putin’s adamant stance that he was justified for invading Ukraine for complete bullshit reasons after saying he wasn’t going to invade Ukraine. He’ll never be able to negotiate from a place of truth or integrity, he’ll never admit he was wrong about anything, so what’s the point? By the time the demand for oil/gas goes down slightly and/or the price drops, his people are going to be living in wolf-infested ghettos, posting their ruined lives to fake Russian twitter with footage recorded from dashboard cams mounted on the handlebars of their bikes.


Well you get out what you Putin


He’s attacked a world that’s continually tried to avoid conflict and prevent armed conflict. Even now there’s a war, we’re trying to talk and not fight. There’s been war crimes and NATO still hasn’t fired a shot. There was never any threat to Russia. The threat to Russia is entirely manufactured to enable a narcissistic psychopath’s imperial ambitions. His ego, greed and criminality cannot be negotiated with. He’s literally a monster.