The bodies of people killed in Irpin were handed over for examination to the Hague court

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So what happens if hague finds him guilty? He cant leave russia? We can arrest his plane over allied territory? Just curious what his future looks like if he goes outside russia while guilty and facing a noose.


My friend was killed in Irpin. He was a journalist covering the refugees in that city before Russians gunned him down. I hope he doesn’t die in vain and that we can bring Russia and Putin to justice.


At the very least this shows a united front of the Western Nations. Any company will have to think carefully before going back to Russia. This will add weight to the economic sanctions and pave the way for additional measures.


I hope the nations can get real serious about suppport for Hague and the function of that court. There’s no space for bullshit. Those bodies require justice.


Just create a billion dollar bounty for Putin, Dead or Barely Alive