The Tragic Fentanyl Problem – Narcotics Documentary (2022) [00:52:46]

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My beautiful sister passed away at the age of 40. She had been complaining of stomach pains in which her doctor prescribe pain medication. The doctor thought it was her back and through time increased her dose until my sister ended up using a Fentanyl patch. The patch completely numbed her pain. One day she ended up in the hospital and passed away shortly after. The autopsy results found she had a problem in her intestine that spread inside her body causing her organs to shut down. She never had a back problem. The pain she felt was her intestine and her stupid doctor prescribed Fentanyl to numb her pain. For years she was going to chiropractors and treating her back when all along it was something else that could have been treated.


I wish heroin and coke were legal


This is still a very helpful and effective medication. The medicine its self shouldn’t be judged because people choose to abuse it. Hell, if you’ve ever had surgery and been put under the anesthesia had fentenayl in it. Not to mention many pain management patients use it safely and effectively.


I work in a treatment facility. We have patients coming in whose doc is fentanyl. The first time I heard a patient say this, I had to walk away and cry. I’m in recovery too and have lost people to this stuff.


I’ve been told someone tried to shake my sister awake only to find her dead. Everybody figures it was Fentanyl. Honestly, was just a matter of time. Edit: and Sis was everybody’s heart throb in school.