Those of you who grew up with parents that would constantly fight and argue but never got divorced, how did it affect you?

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Anytime anyone yells, raises their voice, or shows any anger, even if it’s not directed at me, it automatically makes me jittery and anxious, and I have to leave the area.


i learned that arguments can be triggered over anything. roseanne, pop corn, no limit records etc.


I feel very targeted by this question lmao. I think I’ve developed a lot of issues in my youth due to my parents not divorcing. My relationship with each parent is fucked. I have issues with relationships, daddy issues, trust issues, it’s hard opening up and expressing feelings with most people. A lot of people stay together for the kids but sometimes it’s best to separate.


My parents were married for 65 years before my mom passed. She screamed at him constantly. Most of the time he tuned her out somehow. I think seeing their marriage made me never really that focused on getting married as a goal. I never had any kind of fairytale happily ever after dream, because all I saw was misery. I never did marry, and doubt I ever will. I’d much rather stay alone than end up in anything resembling what my parents had.


Idk I mean it’s hard to psychoanalyze myself. I think it definitely led to some problematic things with anxiety and such…but I think I turned out OK. I’ve very much turned into a very non-confrontational person and will avoid arguments and fights as much as possible. Growing up thinking “oh this might trigger a fight”.