TIL people spend over $336 BILLION on lotteries every year

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Hope is a helluva drug


My dad: The lottery is a tax on people who are bad at math.


I look at it this way…I can save $10/week and have a small but guaranteed savings. But that doesn’t really help me get out of my economic situation as a whole. Or I can spend $10/week, which doesn’t really affect my wallet too bad and have a chance, however minuscule it might be, to instantly change my, and my family’s standard of life. I know the chances are one in a gajillion, but I’ll take that sliver of hope knowing my chances aren’t 100% staying in the same situation. This is all obviously outside of my own efforts at gaining a better life.


…and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM insisted upon scratching off every one of those scratch-off tickets while I waited in line behind them to pay for my bottle of Pepsi.


Here in the UK we have Premium Bonds, basically a savings programme that pays out (tax-free) prizes each month, you get an entry to the drawing for every quid you have saved, incentivizing us to save but using the mechanism behind lotteries to do so.