TIL Susan Sarandon, who play a cellist named Jane in “The Witches of Eastwick”, learned only after being cast that she would have to quickly learn how to play cello, and was told that she would be sued if she left the production.

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The comments are showing once again that nobody reads the articles. She was originally hired to play a different role, the sculptor. They changed her role to the cellist after the fact, told her she needed to learn the cello, and threatened her if she quit, even though they broke the contract by switching her part.


That was a great movie too. I haven’t watched it in years. But if it came up on any streaming service I have I’d watch it asap. Excellent cast and story.


I had my first existential crisis at age 8 after watching this on Tv one night.


Pretty sure Susan Sarandon had “Fuck you money” by that point in her career. This was a great ensemble cast and I’m glad she stuck it out. If they have body doubles for nude and semi nude scenes, why can’t they have cellist doubles?


So she’d be called Sue Sarandon if she left? Seriously, though, it should have been incumbent upon the casting reps to inform talent whether they’d be required to learn skills or if they could handle it with editing.