TIL that after Lance Armstrong was stripped of his wins, seven successive Tour de France races (1999-2005) were officially declared without winners because so many riders who finished behind Armstrong were also associated with doping offences.

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So if EVERYONE was doping, sounds like he still won, right?


They couldn’t find any “clean” riders to award the wins to. Six of the seven overall runners-up to Armstrong (all except Joseba Beloki in 2002) have either admitted to or been found guilty of doping.


Everyone should watch Tour De Pharmacy. Hilarious, and Lance is a great sport about all of it.


Would it be possible to have a designated survivor type of setup for this? “Hey, Tim? Good news. You won the Tour.” “I didn’t even compete?” “You’re the designated straight man. You’re literally the only person we could find who didn’t dope.” “I wasn’t even in France.” “Even better.”


I worked in the bike industry during his run (at a trek dealer no less) and everyone assumed he was doping. It was like an unspoken running joke, because it was a huge fuckin boon to road bike sales and you didn’t dare disparage him. I said as much once and damn near got fired on the spot. To be fair, everyone at that level dopes (obvious now, back then it not quite as much I guess). He was still pretty amazing honestly. The one holdout I have is Lemond. I honestly don’t think he doped and if I found out he did I think it would break my heart.