TIL that the act of vomiting involves a complex series of chain-link reactions by your body that connect to a “vomit center” in the brain. The lower digestive system in cases of perceived poisoning shuts down and causes the stomach to convulse in order to bring everything back up the way it came in.

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A detail that is really interesting is that the increased salivation you get right before throwing up, when basically saliva starts flowing from your mouth, is a mechanism to shield your teeth from the stomach acid. Imagine that, hundreds of millenia of evolution has selected for a mechanism for those rare occasions of vomiting so that we can have slightly better teeth. Thanks nature!


The worst physical feeling being a human.


Knowing how it all works has helped my emetophobia, which has limited my life for the last 30 years. No-one likes vomiting, I know, but the looks I’ve had from receptionists at A&E, when I was at my worst with dealing with it, as I tried to explain it is an emergency that I think I’m going to be sick, freaking out, hyperventilating, passing out. Horrific phobia. To anyone who’s still at that stage with it, you will get through and learn better coping mechanisms when you feel nauseous, such as rationalising it with info such as that from the OP. To anyone who thinks I wasted NHS services, I hear you and I’ve spent years successfully working on not letting this phobia control me that way.


It has to be complex. I learned as a kid that forcing yourself to vomit (to get out of school) is really, really hard and actually not worth it


I wonder how that works with me then. My anxiety is tied directly to my gut. There was a span of about 3 years where I would puke every morning after waking up. It’s been pretty awful, but I wonder why I puke when anxious.