TIL the Oingi Boingo song Little Girls was originally banned in Canada and was named “the creepiest music video of all time” by The Independent.

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It was written to mock Hollywood execs, stars, etc who take advantage of underage girls. Let’s think about that, we knew forever how guys like Weinstein operated and how long before someone said it was fubar? I’m just saying if we whack a few of the higher ups maybe the rest will toe the line.


The important thing to realize is that he’s singing from the point of view of a character. He’s not actually advocating this behavior.


This was the first song on their first album, quite a gauntlet thrown. Elfman as a lyricist was great at getting into twisted mindsets and then mocking them. “They don’t care if I’m a one-way mirror, they’re not frightened by my cold exterior.”


Oingo *


Memories of old internet when this was pedobear’s anthem.