Time to Tax Excessive Corporate Profits – We did during WWII and in the 1980s. It’s the right way to deal with ‘inflation’ that is pure price-gouging.

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We also need to bust monopolies and trusts. These companies are working together to raise prices, which is illegal.


You could tax all stock buy backs, ceo stock options and company dividends to avoid companies pushing excess cash into these transactions rather than paying tax on them.


I’m in favor of taxation over printing money any day. Diluting the dollar hurts everybody taxation mildly inconveniences the rich.


Tell me why hand sanitizer used to be $0.99 and is now $3.29 and will never go back down to even close to $0.99 as inventory increases again Why did my tattoo shops ink, paper towels, even their medical grade Saran Wrap for Christs sake go up 45% Yet we’re all supposed to be soooo grateful for our 2-3% raises while many of our employers had record profits the last two years


We shouldn’t stop taxing them this time either. Not that “we” can really do shit about it.