Twitter Bid: Musk and Dorsey Form Unexpected Alliance

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That’s the Robinhood guy, not Elon.


Why is the shampoo model in the picture?


Why is the boy from Bulgaria there


Why is this surprising? Every article and podcast I’ve ever heard since the Musk move has suggested and even in some cases reported that Musk and Dorsey are at least well aligned.


I’m not shocked. Dorsey was ran out of his own company, and he’s never been a fan of the Twitter woke shit. He’d rather just leave all the conservatives including Trump up to say whatever free speech stuff, even if he personally disagreed. So this will be an interesting move if Elon forces Jack back on to the board while firing everyone else. The key battle is whether “community guidelines” stay or go. When Elon takes over he’s going to revamp the guidelines and fire anyone involved with the censors.