Two guys are talking about sex with their girlfriends.

Says the first guy: “Dude, have you ever tried doing it in the other hole?” His buddy is outraged: “Are you crazy? She could get pregnant that way!”

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The first guy responded, “That’s not true. I got my wife pregnant having anal sex. I’m afraid our baby is going to be a real piece of shit.”


This reminded me of my virgin college roommate who thought sex was anal penetration…


A pregnant woman, who is expecting twins, is talking to her friend. The friend asks her: “Have you already picked some names you like?” “Yes. If it’s girls I want to name one Kate.” “Why?” “So the other one can be DupliKate.” … “And what if it’s boys?” “I’ll name one Kent.” “And what about the other one?” “He will be a RepliKent.”




The tale of two holes