Ukrainian foreign minister says Mariupol “doesn’t exist anymore” after Russian siege

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Every day I think more and more that Putin has fucked with the wrong people and Russia is going to pay a terrible price for his overreaching.


~430,000 people used to live there ~~now it’s a ghost town~~, it was the tenth largest city in Ukraine. The damage Russia has inflicted on Ukraine is incomprehensible, and it’s quite frankly ridiculous that pretenses of peace talks are even being held up. Neither side will accept them at this point.


The Ukrainian people will never surrender or accept a peace treaty after this.


I recall hearing old ladies here in Russia shaking their heads and crying at “what those heartless Ukrainians are doing in Mariupol” back in 2014-2015. It already infuriated me to hear it back then, how propaganda can make people live in some kind of bizarro world where everything opposite of reality in true, but it rings especially tragic now. And that’s Donbass. Mariupol’s in Donbass – the region Putin claims to be doing this all for, the region he swore to protect. That’s propaganda’s main tune – “think of Donbass, we’re saving Donbass, we’re stopping genocide in Donbass”. And *that*’s what they’re doing to Donbass. Mariupol was majority Russian-speaking, for fuck’s sake! So is Kharkiv! So are – and were – many. many other cities and towns reduced to rubble by this war! God, what a bunch of fucking cunts. I try not to dream of physical revenge, I try to believe that in the long run, vengeance-based thinking and stuff like vigilante justice, while perfectly human and understandable, is misguided at best and ultimately harmful *and* one of the main cornerstones people like Putin use in their propaganda… But there is no evil, pain torture or suffering I wouldn’t wish upon every single person in the Russian government, every single one of those spineless lackeys and worthless sycophants in the Duma, every single heartless cunt in military command, hell, in the (professional, not conscripted) military in general.


Hey, everyone, I know this is , I dunno, niche of me. But as an Asian America who had family in NanJing, it makes my blood BOIL to see the attitude the Chinese are taking towards this war. So I’m calling this the the Rape of Mariupol from now on. We need to point out to the Chinese the overwhelming hypocrisy of the their taking the side that they’ve taken.