US Might Designate Russia as State Sponsor of Terrorism – State Department

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This is important because designation as State Sponsor of terrorism implicates other sanctions laws that penalize persons, but also penalizes other countries engaging in certain trade with the designated sponsor. It would allow the US to penalize countries still engaged in trade with and doing business with Russia.


How Russia isn’t, and Cuba somehow is, blows my mind.


They should, then the FBI can do some real work for once and start prosecuting the people taking money from Russia.


Long overdue, delayed by playing nicely nicely diplomacy for too long. The amount of poisonings overseas by that regime alone should qualify.


As an American, I think this move is correct and probably popular among Americans as well. However, I believe countries outside of Western Europe view the U.S. as a state sponsor of terrorism as well. The U.S. designating Russia as a state-sponsor of terrorism probably looks awfully hypocritical to most of the world.