Want to watch Christians make fools of themselves? Ask them to explain why god had to kill his son in order to save humanity.

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You don’t even have to go through all that. Just ask, couldn’t God have just forgiven us? Doesn’t he make the rules? He doesn’t have to have made us perfect.


I upvoted this question, because I agree, but I do think you’re overthinking it. As /u/Crafty_Possession_52 said – If god does really make all the rules, he didn’t have to sacrifice his own son. He could have just forgiven us. Christians are always saying, “god gave his only begotten son”, but: to who? If he’s all powerful, couldn’t have made 50 more sons? And forgiven us without sending any of them to death? And anyway, didn’t he supposedly resurrect his son after just a few days, so not really much of a sacrifice? Nothing in that story stands up too close inspection.


Seems no different than throwing virgins into volcanoes – as if allowing someone to die changes the course of reality.


The thing is, their god is a complete asshole with totally ludicrous demands. Even for those who believe in its existence, why would they want to follow and worship such a vindictive, nasty mofo?


Better yet, ask them to explain how god, if it is truly one god, successfully kills himself? Just realized this can go one deeper: how can an omni-powerful god fail to kill himself after having intended to kill himself? He didn’t intend to kill himself, perhaps? Then the whole Jesus-now-bears-all-sin process was a failure and we’re all going to hell. See ya there!