What’s the most “WTF” moment you’ve ever had at a party?

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The host got so drunk, he pulled his dead pet lizard out of the freezer (saving it to bury it in the spring) and showed it to everyone in the room. Then he started crying,threw up, pissed himself, and passed out. I have no idea if the lizard ever made it back to the freezer.


New Year’s party at a farmhouse. This guy I know has taken LSD. He found a top hat and cape somewhere and was wearing them. He is having a bad trip and is just spiraling into a depression and fixating on death while being freaked out on his trip. So I take him outside to get him away from all the smoking and noisy drunks in the house. We step out on the dark porch and for a minute he seems to be getting right when suddenly about 10 cows run by the porch. His eyes go wide and he runs away. The drunks in the party yell ‘the cows are out’ and they all start chasing the cows trying to round them up but the cows are now smarter than the drunk people so they were not doing a good job of it. And I never saw that guy again. I found the cape and top hat laying on the floor like he just vanished and they fell straight down.


A girl took my pillow without my knowledge and then proceeded to throw up all over it, she said she would get me a new one. Alison it’s been 3 years,please give me a new pillow 🙁


i saw two guys jerking it while the girl they were with was in front of them eating fries. she didn’t seem interested, she was just eating.


i went to a bowling alley in grade 4 because that was the first birthday party i had been ever invited to. i was really excited because he was one of the popular kids. come to the day that it was happening, i decided to wear a nice pink glittery shirt because glitter was really important in my life for some odd reason. i got to the bowling alley with the bag and when i went to give it to him i farted really loud out of excitement. everyone looked over at me and i immediately burst into tears. he told me it was okay and then proceeded to fart maybe 3 minutes after i did. that really comforted me and we had a good time.