What’s your best “I didn’t just dodge a bullet, but a tactical nuke” story?

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My mom’s BFF had a son get out of prison. He was doing tattoos for a living. We lived in a state that still had tattoos illegal at the time, so he and his mom came to our house to give us a tattoo. I was like 18 at the time and I think he was in his early 20s. We were told he went to prison because (while he *did* have a drug problem at the time), he took the fall for someone carrying a fuckton of meth. His mom kept hinting (and eventually outright suggesting) I let him take me on a date. She swore up and down he needed a good influence like me. I’ll admit, I did feel pressured quite a bit. His mom was one of my favorite people in the world and I felt like i was letting her down. But I was not feeling it. Dude was not attractive at all. Worst of all, he was covered in swastikas (that he claimed was to survive prison). I also found it really creepy that he kept oddly stroking my foot while doing a tattoo several inches above my ankle. But, we managed to end the tattoo party with no dates made. Cool. About 3 months later, I’m listening to the news as background noise and I hear her son’s name mentioned, police are looking for him. He strangled his girlfriend and all four of her children, after the girlfriend caught him molesting one of the kids.


I’ve posted this story before but when I was a young child, I was outside playing with the hose by myself. A man appeared at my fence and asked me to come over. I walked over, he leaned down and picked me up. I started kicking at him and he dropped me almost immediately, then walked away. After that I ran inside, hid in my closet and never told a single person. I had almost forgotten about it, or thought I had imagined it until years later when my mom was telling me about how they recently solved a cold case of a man who kidnapped and murdered a girl around my age at the time from our neighborhood and left her body in a field a few miles from our house.


When I was 14 I went to my best friends house for her birthday party. A 30 year old guy that worked for their parents asked her to tell me that he wanted to take me out on a date. I said I had a boyfriend. He seemed nice but he started following us everywhere and just standing back staring at us(they had a huge farm). I got nervous and called mom to come get me. Months later we saw his wanted poster at our grocery store. He was serial killer Angel Resendez the railway killer. Mom didn’t believe me until it was on AMW that night and they interviewed my friends foster parents. Then she freaked.


There were a few days where all my appliances were breaking down. First the clothes washer, then the air conditioner, then the dishwasher. Then one morning, before leaving for work, the refrigerator stopped cooling. I was in a terrible mood on my commute to work, and then I had a flat tire in the middle of rush hour traffic. I pulled over to the shoulder. Normally I would have got out immediately and started changing it – I can change a tire in 5 minutes, it wouldn’t have even made me late, but everything breaking in the days leading up to this flat had me defeated. I rested my head on the steering wheel a few seconds and said out loud “why me” when, almost as an answer, I was hit from behind. Traffic has slowed because of my pulling over, and an ambulance driver transporting a patient between hospitals decided to go around the traffic by driving in the breakdown lane. Damage to my vehicle was minor, but if it had been any other day I would have been taking my jack and spare out at that moment and been crushed between my car and the ambulance. Everything worked out great. I got a 5 figure settlement from the ambulance company as they were clearly at fault hitting a car in the breakdown lane (it was a non-emergency transportation of a patient.). And when I got home that day, all the appliances were miraculously working again.


A boy I dated ghosted me, was a bit shit but okay. Two years later, saw his picture in the newspaper. He had been done for raping underage girls. Yikes.