What’s your “I didn’t believe in ghost until…” paranormal story?

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Babysitting my niece when she was two years old. The place was a very old house my sister was renting, built in the 1930’s. I’m alone in the place with her while my sister is working overnight. It’s about 11 pm, and she’s been asleep for a couple hours at this point. I’m watching TV in the living room, and see her running down the dark hallway. Stops just before the entryway to the living room, and I jokingly said, “You better get back to bed, or I’m gonna get you!” And got up to get her back in bed. I turn the hallways light on, and her bedroom door is still closed. Weird, so I open it to find my niece completely passed out in her bed. Drooling and everything. It wasn’t my niece I saw in the hallway, so I took her to sleep with me that night.


Years ago, my husband and I were trying to see if we could get a modest house by contract for deed. We took my sister along to look at the house. It still had someone’s personal effects in it as though they had just stepped out, but was for sale. We walked all through and were hopeful. Suddenly, my sister said, “Wait, I know whose house this was! This house belonged to that guy my son knew who died in his kitchen! This was “Tony’s” house!” At that precise moment, a cabinet door shot open and whacked her on the backside. Never one to be rattled easily, she looked up and said “Okay, Tony, I get it!” We checked, it was indeed his house, the cabinet had been tightly shut, and the floor was stable. I’ve never seen a cabinet door randomly swing open with a force behind it like that. Not enough to hurt, but fast, as though a hand had whipped it open. You had to be there. I wish we could have gotten the house even if he was haunting it, he was known to be a nice guy, very funny, and we wouldn’t have minded sharing it with him.


I was babysitting a friends baby 3 years ago and it was around 3 months old. They went on a date night while I stayed and made sure the baby didn’t die I guess. Around 2am I checked the baby monitor and to my horror I saw a hand in the crib. I knew I was home alone and it was a small house anyway. I grabbed a baseball bat from the shed and ran in there and turned the light on, nothing there but I made the baby cry. I know I saw something I wasn’t even tired or high or anything. I couldn’t sleep knowing that I saw something there. I took the baby and put it in the same bed as me and slept. He started getting very fussy whenever I tried putting him back in the crib. At 4am I couldn’t sleep and looked at the baby monitor and saw two hands now on the crib. And I’m not taking the piss right now but I swear one of the hands had their finger up. I told the parents and they thought I was just tired.


For context: I believe, to this day, that the vast majority of (not all) paranormal videos and photos have a plausible explanation outside of the paranormal. This means that these videos and photos can be easily explained away as either CG, poor quality cameras, pareidolia, or as outright fakes. Needless to say, I do believe that there still can be paranormal shit that happens. However, at the time when this happened about eight years ago and when I didn’t believe in ghosts as much, my family and I were staying at the Fort Gary Hotel in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I had a few spare moments and decided to explore the hotel because it is absolutely beautiful. I got lost as I usually do in buildings since I get directionally challenged the moment I step into one. Anyways, I happened to run into someone that looked like they worked for the Hotel but weren’t housecleaning or a clerk, so I was unsure of their position or job. I asked for directions back to the lobby since I had to meet my family in a few minutes. The moment I arrived in the lobby and walked passed the front desk, a clerk and a security guard were starring at me in shock and pale faces. The security guard asked me who I was talking with earlier for the directions back to the lobby. I told him I thought it was someone who worked at the hotel. Well, wouldn’t you know, it turns out that floor I was on (I can’t remember it for the life of me) has a bunch of paranormal shit that goes on regularly. I don’t know if he was supposed to, but the security guard showed me the footage he had just seen. The person I was talking with never appeared on the security feed even though they should have been in plain view. It was super creepy because I had shaken this person’s hand for some reason and the footage just should me shaking hands with the air. The person appeared in front of me as any other person would have, when I touched their hand it felt like any squishy person would normally, and yet they never showed up on the footage. There was no way I could have blocked out the person from view of the camera either as I’m only 5’6. The security guard even pulled up a second angle for further proof. No one else believes me despite the footage. To this day, I still don’t know how to explain it.


When I took a shower at 7am when my 2 roommates were sleeping, there was a very distinct knock at the door as soon as I turned the shower off. I didn’t respond because I figured the shower turning off was enough of an indicator. I was ready to leave the bathroom and heard another knock on the door and quickly opened the door to let them know I was done and no one was there. I was in my bedroom getting ready 10 minutes later and there was a knock on the door and then it just opened. Slowly. My roommates doors hadn’t opened nor had they been awake.