Where can the line between ‘Discipline’ and ‘Child Abuse’ be drawn?

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Discipline follows rules that are easily and clearly define able. Abuse is because you feel like it or you lost control.


If you have to constantly yell, hit or beat kids to discipline them then know that it’s not working, you have a fucked up definition for discipline and it’s simply child abuse.


If your kid is scared to admit their mistake not because they’re afraid of getting in trouble, but because they’re afraid of you, there’s an issue.


When society understands that psychological and emotional abuse can be just as damaging to a child as physical abuse. My dad was physically beaten by his father as a kid with a wet rope and then hung by his wrists for saying the wrong thing. He vowed to never even spank his children-and I can honestly say that we never were spanked. But the psychological and emotional abuse that we endured has been troubling for me later in life. You don’t realize how many emotions and memories you oppress until you encounter things that trigger you later in life. Our mother was always adamant that we not ever discuss anything that happened in our home with anyone in our family. My dad picked us up one night when he was incredibly drunk, and I tried telling my mom that we didn’t need to go with him, but she wouldn’t listen to me. We were pulled over by the cops halfway home due to my dad speeding and swerving. He slid his whiskey glass to me to hide from the cop. My mom to this day will not acknowledge that nor that we were in danger.


Is it being done to ‘teach’ the kid, or to empower the adult? And big ol’ asterisk on fuckin ‘teach’ there.