why is nutritional information so contradictory ?

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Yeah, I still don’t know if eggs are going to kill me one day or if they are a super food.


Corporate interest. Lobby groups sponsor studies and bend the results to point to whatever they are selling.


The most conclusive evidence would be controlled trials in humans with hard endpoints, but those are expensive. Therefore, people mostly try to interpret indirect evidence, but the interpretation leaves room for bias.


Diet Culture is a multi billion industry.


1. The media constantly hypes up single studies, which often have contradictory results, because different methods are used, different populations are studied etc. You should look at the consensus, rather than at single studies. 2. Everyone and their mother are trying to sell you a diet or miracle cure. These people cherrypick studies to support their views, and different shysters promote different diets. Newer fads are just around the corner. 3. Corporate lobbies affect governmental policies and recommendations. Cattle farmers want to see more beef and dairy recommended, cereal producers want to promote cereal grains, the processed food industry wants more studies showing that sugar isn’t bad for you etc. 4. Some things aren’t genuinely well known. It’s hard to study nutrition. Studies are expensive, it takes many years to see the results, and participants don’t stick very well to their prescribed diets.