Working an extra 5 hours per week in this scenario is absolutely worth it, right?

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There was a point in my life where I would milk overtime as much as possible. 5 extra hours would have felt like nothing, 45 hours typically is sustainable depending on your lifestyle and the work you do.


As long as you’re not ruining your mental or physical health over it, overtime is usually worth it, especially if you know when you’re going to do it and can plan around it. 45 hours a week shouldn’t be too bad, especially if your commute is reasonable.


When I read a post like this, I’m left wondering “what is the real question you have here”? Because the question you are asking is intuitively obvious – work more if you want to make more. Don’t work more if you don’t want to make more. So what are you really asking us about?


im about to work 72 hours a week for the next year and a half making approx 8k a month letting me save 6k a month so i can buy a house and pay off all debt by the end of next year, prolly gonna go to college too, do it while you’re young i say, i dont wanna work when im 50


Eh. This is another one of those things that only you can decide. Less time at work at a job you don’t like is worth a certain monetary amount to each individual. But it depends on the individual and the pay.