Zelensky: Liberation of all of Ukraine is only a matter of time | Zelensky Addresses Ukraine

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>Russian missile strikes lead to only one thing – missile self-demilitarization of the Russian Federation. This guy has some unbelievably badass ways of telling Russia that Ukraine is unshakable. At the beginning, I thought it was mostly him trying to keep morale up against impossible odds. But after nearly two months, I’ve come to realize he’s just an honest man.


Incoming nuclear threat from Putin, that if crimea and/or donbas is (re)taken by ukraine, russias existence is threatened.


I love this guy. Whatever you think about his politics or even the possibility of Ukraine winning in this David and Goliath fight, he has done one hell of a job encouraging and inspiring people not give up the fight. You can’t underestimate what that means. I think a lot of leaders would just run away with a suitcase of cash.


I wish they could liberate Moscow.


I want to believe 🙁