Zuck is fixated on creating an AR’s “Iphone Moment”

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We are very fortunate that this dude is too dumb to make his dystopian fantasy a reality.


It is called corporate desperate moment. Aka delusional strategic corporate fever. Relevant c execs left the ship long ago. Yes women and yes men took their place. I am grabbing my pop corn.


It’s funny how once you have billions you easily forget the fact that you got them by stealing ideas and not creating them.


Fortnite is already doing virtual hangouts and concerts with the youngest generation. That is the future. What Zuck is doing is creating with an old person’s mentality, specifically for business purposes, and it’s going to fail. Just like Facebook has failed to stay relevant and the rest of the companies he buys that are slowly becoming unpopular— Facebook is the Blackberry of social media options.


The iPhone wasn’t shoved down our throat.