Joaquin Ciria exonerated after 32 years in prison for wrongful murder conviction

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>”Although we cannot give him back the decades of his life lost we are thankful that the court has corrected this miscarriage of justice.”

Motherfucker, you haven’t corrected the miscarriage of justice *until* you find a way to give his life back. The state committed a crime just as heinous as the murder here and it took outside efforts years to force you to acknowledge that crime. You’ll face no punishment. The state will face no punishment. The injustice is not corrected.


Cases like this are why capital punishment should not exist. Only morons, bootlickers and the bloodthirsty driven by vengeance support it.


Here’s another example of the state fucking up for the “just put a bullet in ’em” crowd.


There is nothing worse then allowing the guilty to go free other than making innocent people guilty.


It always amazes me how people that have been wrongfully convicted and get out after significant time in prison always seem so able to turn the other cheek. Im sure they just can’t believe that they’re finally getting out, but I couldn’t do it. I’d be livid. They’re stronger people than I.


Abbott’s border policy cost the U.S. almost $9 billion in just 10 days

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I have zero faith in Texans to shitcan him. Prove me wrong. Please.


All the people of Texas could have had free Healthcare or all their student loans forgiven for that price tag, but instead unsubstantiated fear wins again. Conservatives sure love wasting money for a party that claims to be fiscally conservative.


Every year, Texas, through a combination of political incompetence and natural disasters, consumes and wastes untold amounts of federal dollars with little-to-zero return on investment for John Q Taxpayer.


He knew it would. Sabotaging supply chains to make the “not my president,” president look bad.


don’t worry they’ll blame it all on bRaNDoN


Ted Cruz Warns Disney Programming Will Soon Depict Mickey and Pluto F–king | The senator from Texas thinks the company’s opposition to Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law means it’s going to introduce X-rated content featuring animated characters “going at it.”

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this is a united states senator.

holy fuck this is the bad timeline.


The race to out Q each other in the GOP would be hilarious if it weren’t so popular.


What is wrong with Republicans?


Remember this about the GQP — every accusation is a confession. In other words, keep your pets away from Ted Cruz.


>One of the most disturbing aspect of Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law, which prohibits “classroom discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity” in primary schools (and according to critics, could be applied to later grades), is the idea that merely acknowledging the existence of LGBTQ+ individuals is somehow inappropriate for children. Obviously, second-grade teachers are not talking to eight-year-olds about sexual intercourse, but you wouldn’t know by listening to conservatives, who apparently believe that anyone who opposes this law is basically advocating for showing kids graphic sexual imagery.
Take, for example Senator Ted Cruz, who recently suggested that because Disney decided to speak out against the bigoted Florida legislation—after receiving backlash from its employees for initially refusing to do so—it’s obviously going to introduce NC-17 story lines to its children’s programming.
In an extremely weird set of remarks, even for him, the Texas lawmaker opined at a live recording of his podcast, Verdict With Ted Cruz: “I think there are people who are misguided, trying to drive, you know, Disney stepping in, saying, you know, in every episode now they’re gonna have, you know, Mickey and Pluto going at it. Like, really? It’s just like, come on guys, these are kids, and you know, you could always shift to Cinemax if you want that. Like, why do you have—it used to be, look, I’m a dad. You used to be able to put your kids on the Disney Channel and be like, alright, something innocuous will happen.”


[Serious] Psychologists of Reddit, what’s the most interesting mental disorder you’ve encountered?

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Medical doctor here (neurologist)… Capgras delusion.

The patient is convinced that a family member has been replaced by an imposter who is completely identical.

For example, the patient will tell you the person sitting across from them looks exactly like their spouse, sounds exactly like their spouse, has all the memories of their spouse. But… “that’s not actually my spouse”.

And the patient oftentimes isn’t overly distressed by this imposter.

In 20 years I’ve only seen the condition twice.


A psychologist here. Not someone I worked with, but I did observe someone with Alien hand syndrome. The patients left hand would stroke her hair and pat her face but was not under her control. Each episode would last for about 20 mins. Turned out the cause was a tumour. Amazingly it didn’t seem to cause her any distress.


Foreign Accent Syndrome is rare but is absolutely fascinating.


Mental health counsellor here, the interesting one is schizophrenia with visual hallucinations. Most people with schizophrenia have auditory hallucinations. I did not realize how much more unsettling the visual one is. The client I had with this disorder used to see me and other people he knew. He called me up once yelling at me for coming into his apartment early in the morning. Even if I told him otherwise, the experience of seeing me is very real to him. I can’t imagine seeing people in my own home, especially at night. That would freak me the fuck out.


Early on in my career I worked at a Planned Community that functioned as a Partial Hospitalization Program.

One of the residents would bring magazines and newspapers he’d found to the main office door everyday. Sometimes he’d be upset, sometimes overjoyed, depending on the stories. Because all of them were about *him*.

I’ve never worked with someone with such delusions before or sense. One day he was Michael Jordan offering to buy us cars, the next he was Osama Bin Laden trying to hide with us. He’d read his obituary, his wife cheated on him in a political scandal, he’d surveyed the Congo.

We restricted and sorted his mail after the Bin Laden incident, but he’d find other residents’ or in the community.


What’s a subtle sign that someone is not a nice person?

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When they always “playfully” insult you, but can’t handle any criticism about themselves at all.


They keep reminding you that they’re a nice person.


Don’t mistake niceness for goodness. Some of the best, most morally consistent and forward-thinking people I know are also rigid & unpleasant to deal with. And some of the slimiest, most backstabbing sons of bitches I work with every day are nice enough to charm you into loving them. Niceness is a demeanor, goodness is a core value.

But to the intent of the question – Being rude to service staff is the #1 way to lose my respect.


this is going to sound pretty weird, but hear me out: there usually two types of people, the “it’s their job anyways” and the “no need to make their job any harder” for example, if someone just dumps their trash wherever at a restaurant, store, etc. because “it’s someone’s job to clean it up”, they’re probably kind of a jerk.


Everything you say you’ve done they’ve done twice


Early Dinner Time and Caloric Restriction Lapse Contribute to the Longevity of Nonagenarians and Centenarians of the Italian Abruzzo Region: A Cross-Sectional Study

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Recent findings showed the role of late-night eating in metabolic disorders, highlighting the importance of meal timing for health. No evidence is available on the role of meal timing for longevity. The aim of this study was to survey, in a cross-sectional study, meal timing and dietary habits of 68 nonagenarians and centenarians of the Abruzzo region, Italy. Results showed an early dinner (7:13 p.m.) and a calorie restriction lapse of 17.5 h between dinner and the following lunch. The frequency of consumption was high for cereals, vegetables, fruits, and legumes; low for meat, processed meat, and eggs; and negligible for sweets. Subjects were physically active throughout life. Our results support the importance of a daily caloric restriction lapse, hampering nocturnal postprandial stress and optimizing metabolic response, associated with high consumption of plant-based foods and physical activity for the longevity of centenarians from Abruzzo.


What I am basically getting from this study is that according to a survey among 90+-year-olds in a single region of Italy, the large majority had led moderately to intensely physically active lifestyles (97%), ate a relatively healthy Mediterranean diet, ate more foods made-from-scratch by themselves or neighbors than not, and had only a light breakfast (sdijuno) of 200-300 calories (90%).

Obviously, it seems like they were pretty healthy besides the low-calorie lapse, so it would be informative to know what percentage of their peers that didn’t make it to 90+ had followed sdijuno or not, ate as well, were as physically active, etc., but there doesn’t seem to be any practical way to collect that data or otherwise control for factors besides sdijuno. Perhaps they could compare the percentage of people who lived that long in a neighboring region that eats a larger breakfast and has an otherwise similar lifestyle? On its own, this study doesn’t do much to convince me of the benefit of this low-calorie lapse but could be a somewhat useful minor addition to a body of research on the topic.


At first I was like “Nonagenarians, like nona, like grandmas?” and then I realized.


Also they mention “negligible sweets” consumed.


Tldr; breakfast is perhaps one of the greatest marketing lies of all time. Better to skip and eat the first meal around lunch time, last around 630-7.


Student loan borrowers will get help after an NPR report and years of complaints

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“4.4 million borrowers had been repaying their loans for at least 20 years but only 32 had had debts canceled under IDR.”

I’ve never had a late payment in the last 37 years of paying on my loans. I’d be happy if they canceled mine after 40 years of payments. I asked Navient about it last year and they told me that mine could never be forgiven.


> The department and its office of Federal Student Aid (FSA) pledge to conduct a “one-time account adjustment” to give borrowers credit for time spent in what it considers unjustifiably long forbearances: more than 12 consecutive months or more than 36 cumulative months.


Kind of ridiculous they’re going saddle tax payers with someone else’s loan agreements.


Brave is bypassing Google AMP pages because they’re ‘harmful to users.’

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This is a good thing for website owners too. Google has tried to force AMP on everyone because they get a higher cut of the revenue displayed on AMP ads versus those that just show up normally from AdSense.


Good call fuck AMP and fuck Google.


I’ve been very happy with Brave as my daily browser, it’s fast and the default ad blocking and privacy features are great.

It’s also open source, so anyone can check the code and verify that it is privacy protecting.


Google should’ve been boycotted into nonexistence, when they bought YouTube, and screwed it up.


I just learned about Google’s shitty practices and started using DuckDuckGo is brave better?


Netflix is exploring lower-priced, ad-supported plans after years of resisting

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Sounds like Netflix can’t reclaim that charm and is taking bad business advice from old television executives


You know what’s a good price for ad supported content. Free. Like Tubi, nbc, abc, cbs, fox.

yeah free sounds ok for ad supported content.


This is how you make sure your customers cancel their subscriptions. I will never pay for any service that has ads. You can fuck right off and die


Fantastic way of further devaluating your brand. Whatever executives they are taking their advice from need to be seriously removed, along with Reed Hastings for even floating this idea publicly. When you bloat your service with nearly unwatchable garbage, cancel every fan favorite highly talked about show after at most 3 seasons, continually raise prices, and threaten shared accounts – you know you’ve totally lost the plot. This looming implosion of Netflix will be talked about for a long, long time.


Life is truly a cycle isn’t it. We r heading back to TV


Are cube steaks good?

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Sear and then simmer slowly in a gravy until tender.


I’m a total sucker for chicken fried steak, but this may be the wrong sub in which to wax poetic about that particular dish.

Seared and braised with a peppery mushroom gravy (as already mentioned) would likely be your best bet. Shaoxing wine, star anise, and shallots would be good in there too.


Slow cooker with brown gravy mix or cream of mushroom and beef broth and sliced onions. Hi for 6 hours or low for 8.


I second searing them before slow cooking. But I prefer to use them as stewing beef


Had these probably once a week as a kid. Our local butcher shop did a good job tenderizing them, and I grew up liking the chew. I was surprised how tender a real steak could be later in life.

My Mom or Dad would coat them lightly in seasoned flour, fry, then put in a low oven to stay warm, then make roux milk gravy that we would put over the cube steak and a starch (rice, potatoes, noodles, or bread)