15-year-old girl stabbed to death at California high school

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So for those of you who didn’t bother clicking the link to read the article it seems like she was targeted by a 40 year old man who trespassed on school grounds to kill her. So it’s possible there might be a prior connection between the victim and/or her family and the perpetrator. It’s more of a security issue that a grown man who apparently has no connection to the school could easily get on campus and stab a particular student with apparently no resistance along the way. Edit: Story has been updated to say that detectives think that it may be a random attack.


>“We definitely will be re-evaluating” campus security, he said Huh, no shit


No names, no relationship and no motive given. The details are going to be interesting when they are released. A 40 yr old man targetting and murdering a 15 yo girl is extremely odd especially since he apparently drove to the school and went through a campus gate


A horrible and scary story for any parent. Prediction: when police drove into internet history or social media, it will reveal prior communication between the 40 year old monster and the student. Update: apparently the more recent explanation is that the attack was random. Prediction is apparently wrong. This is more alarming than speculation regarding what might have otherwise inspired a future fictional episode of SVU….