A study predicts how oil and gas wells in the Arctic region heat up the surrounding frozen soil over decades. Thawing permafrost changes its mechanical properties, destabilizing the wells drilled in it. Depending on region, it may also release the potent greenhouse gas methane locked up in the soil.

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>…it may also release…methane… This is a significant threat, because the methane is frozen in the permafrost. As the latter thaws, the methane is released – and there is an enormous amount of methane there.


I always wondered if localized emissions in the Northern hemisphere was another reason for Arctic amplification besides lower albedo. I know that the north pole has 30% more Krypton-85 than the south pole because almost all nuclear reactors and fuel refinement are in the northern hemisphere, so it would make sense that the more industrialized hemisphere has more localized carbon emissions before they spread out more evenly around the planet.


You know, if we all froze to death, just think how great the climate would be.


I have to pay a carbon tax because these assholes did this without consequences. Canadian govt policy of the public paying for corporate malfeasance