A young man decided it was time to come out to his family.

He was worried most about his grandmother, so he approached her in the kitchen. “Grandma, I, uh, have to tell you something.” “Yes, sweety?” “I, uh, I’m gay.” “Gay?” His heart stopped. “Does that mean you put men’s things in your mouth?” “Grandma!!!!” “Well??” Mortified, he muttered sheepishly, “I, uh, yeah?” Whack! The wooden spoon found its mark. “Don’t you EVER,” she sternly replied, “complain about my cooking again.”

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I was waiting for: Grandma: “Well I guess Grandma is a little gay too then”


I walked in on my Grandma sucking grandpa’s dick last night… I dont know why it wasn’t cremated with the rest of him?


Not original, but I’ve no idea where or when I heard it before.


Apparently grandpa didn’t wash his dick.


I laughed. Thanks!