About 30% of COVID patients develop “Long COVID,” UCLA research finds

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Just to keep in mind. The article is talking about patients, people treated, not infected. Not that this makes it good news but just to differentiate.


The most persistent symptom was loss of sense of smell (16%) in outpatients. Unless you were hospitalized, the “Long Covid” most likely means you reported persistent loss of smell on a questionnaire 60 or 90 days after outpatient treatment (not just infection).


It’s important to note that Long CoVid is generally best known as taking longer to recover from having CoVid. Since CoVid fatalities primarily exist among people with serious or existing health conditions, it makes sense that people who have less severe health conditions would take longer to recover if they do survive.


I’m one of them. I caught it 4 months ago, and it triggered all sorts of health issues just AFTER healing from it. I’m not feeling well at all. Wasn’t vaccinated yet when I caught it. I did the vaccine at the beginning of April hoping that it would help but it doesn’t seem to have had any effect. If I could go back in time I would have had the vaccine before catching covid. Though bear in mind you can also get long covid (or better yet, long vaccine) from being vaccinated. This is disease is really a Russian roulette, you never know how it’s gonna be for you. Vaccine as well, though at least it saves your life if you catch covid.