Americans suffer deadly fentanyl overdoses in record numbers

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6 years ago I worked as an EMT in one of the most violent cities in America. Violent crime has always been everyone’s focus, but I ran at least 3 opiate ODs a day, and I might’ve run a homicide/assault victim once a week. We hear about how bad the opiate issue is all the time. But seeing it is another monster.


Maybe the government shouldn’t have allowed tons of people to get addicted to opioids and then turned around threatened doctors with consequences for prescribing those same drugs. I have chronic pain. I go to work and come home and lie down. That’s my life without prescription pain medicine. With it I was able to live a normal existence. I can’t get the medicine because doctors offices are so paranoid about prescribing. I have done everything that’s been suggested except radio frequency ablation because insurance wouldn’t pay for it.


The amount of people in this comment section suggesting that these people deserved to die for doing drugs is fucking disgusting. Y’all need to learn some empathy, some people start doing opiates because they induce a feeling of safety and warmth, and it’s easier to sleep outside when you’re not freezing and terrified out of your mind about getting robbed or raped while sleeping on a park bench.


My husband had a friend die of a laced overdose about five years ago. It’s so awful to read that things are just getting worse as the years go by.


I have a friend, basically a brother, hooked on this shit. As someone who has struggled with addiction myself, I’ve tried everything to get him help that I can think of. At this point I’m pretty much just waiting on this phone call.