Are cube steaks good?

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Sear and then simmer slowly in a gravy until tender.


I’m a total sucker for chicken fried steak, but this may be the wrong sub in which to wax poetic about that particular dish. Seared and braised with a peppery mushroom gravy (as already mentioned) would likely be your best bet. Shaoxing wine, star anise, and shallots would be good in there too.


Slow cooker with brown gravy mix or cream of mushroom and beef broth and sliced onions. Hi for 6 hours or low for 8.


I second searing them before slow cooking. But I prefer to use them as stewing beef


Had these probably once a week as a kid. Our local butcher shop did a good job tenderizing them, and I grew up liking the chew. I was surprised how tender a real steak could be later in life. My Mom or Dad would coat them lightly in seasoned flour, fry, then put in a low oven to stay warm, then make roux milk gravy that we would put over the cube steak and a starch (rice, potatoes, noodles, or bread)