As an atheist, I am completely open to being convinced of god’s existence. My atheism is provisional; it is not a final destination.

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Considering how long it has been since they came up with their gods and that they haven’t being able to produce any evidence, I don’t think it’s ever going to happen.


Congrats, you’ve stated what most of us here would say.


So the bible was the best the all powerful god could come up with? Fucking apes have more common sense than humans.


Provide one single shred of evidence that any of the bullshit about religion is true; and Ill convert too. show me a chicken and a triceratops in the same fossil bed. hell, show them to me in the same fossil layer, anywhere in the world. show me how its possible to design something to be perfect and light sensing, before inventing light. Show me an interview with the father of jesus.. or one of the 69 other brothers of the father of jesus. and did god create his own father, El before or after creating creation? and if god created it, why did el have to give him isreal as an inheritance? Did Yahweh bet pink slips for the middle east against his old man and lose? I would like these conflicts of narrative to be worked out too. but, thats not really necessary. really, all you have to do is show me one fucking pterosaur who ate a squirrel before it died. and if this evidence was found, and it proved gods existence.. well, hallelujah brother, we will go down to the river Jordan together and bathe in the blood of the lamb.


Hell, if there were actual evidence, then I’d have no choice but to be a theist. It’s not like I could pretend that big dude in the sky isn’t there. But alas, no evidence, so on I go with my life.