As no one has died and came back to report on afterlife, we can’t be sure if real life is good, bad or meh in comparison to afterlife.

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What if it’s sooooooo good that they don’t even bother reporting 😂😂


Who is to say that this right now isn’t your afterlife?


I was dead for 3 minutes before they started cpr. I was a big believer there was something. I couldn’t imagine ther to be nother. But there was nothing. No white light. No memories flashing before my eyes. It was like anaesthesia. A dreamless sleep. Just nothing. I know that sounds bad. But it wasn’t. Never been scared of death after that day! Edit: as the comments stated, this isn’t the definition of death. But… Its the closest thing to death that i know. So maybe its something.


So I’m one of those people that have had my heart stop for 2 minutes, and then came back. I didn’t see the pearly gates, or my loved ones who had already passed. But I can tell you, that I did feel like I was going somewhere. Only way I can describe it, is it looked like I was moving thru space at the speed of light, with lights flashing by me (maybe the tunnel of lights?). The only other thing I remember, is how I felt. Before passing out, my whole body was aching and I’ve never felt worse. But once I was “gone” and moving thru that dark tunnel with lights, I felt so amazing. Better than I’ve ever felt on earth. I felt the kind of euphoria that wouldn’t be possible on earth. I was so at peace. And while I didn’t see my body, I still felt like myself, if that makes sense. I will never forget that feeling. I now have a pacemaker, and hope to not go back to that tunnel of lights until my kids are grown and my life is truly over. But I’m a hospice nurse now, and while I don’t normally share my experience, I do reassure my patients and their families that I believe they do go somewhere when they die. And that it’s so much better than here on earth, and it’s free of pain and suffering. I don’t share this experience much, and it took me 6 years to even tell my mom about it. But I feel like this maybe is a good place to share this experience I had.


I always figure when someone dies for a few minutes and comes back that their brain just goes into overdrive from lack of oxygen. Starts firing off different things and is trying to assemble it. Like a dream you remember bits and pieces and you assemble it into something that makes sense to you. Or you just say what you think people want to hear. IDK I’m a high school dropout. But if I die and comeback I’ll be sure to post what it was like here.