Autopsy shows Patrick Lyoya shot in head by Michigan cop

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Uh, was this ever actually been in question?


> “This independent autopsy report confirms what we all witnessed in the horrifying video footage: Unarmed Patrick Lyoya was conscious until the bullet entered his head, instantly ending what could have been a long and fruitful life,” attorney Ben Crump said. Sounds about right. Failure to deescalate by the cop leads to the homicide of a black man….*again*.


Flat out shooting him in the back of the head changes it from stopping a threat to deliberate murder.


This officer had no business ever being allowed to be a cop. The victim was about to dump the officer off his back. This officer, instead of yielding to the inevitable, pulled his firearm and executed the victim rather than allow that to happen. He let his anger/adrenalin/panic get the better of him. Had the victim managed to push the officer off and then proceeded to stand over him in a threatening manner or attempted to take the officer’s weapon, he may have been justified in shooting the victim in self defense. That’s not what happened here. The officer executed the victim solely because he couldn’t pin him to the ground.


Funny what happens when you physically fight a cop and take his taser instead of just acting like a normal sane adult.