Being overweight substantially increases the risk of developing womb cancer, research suggests. The CRUK study, led by a team at the University of Bristol and published in BMC Medicine, is one of the largest into the link between fat and womb cancer.

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Is “womb” an actual technical term? It’s uterine cancer right?


Can we just please keep in mind that being overweight is a symptom and not a disease or moral failing? It is a symptom of many conditions we know about and many more that we don’t know yet


I’m just here for all the comments repeatedly trying defend obesity as healthy and not at all a risk factor for a metric ton of health conditions


The uterine lining grows in response to estrogen exposure—one type of estrogen called estrone is made by fat cells. Estrone is a weak estrogen but can be easily converted to estradiol, which acts on the uterine lining causing it to proliferate. More growth means more chances for abnormal cells.


Sounds like being overweight might not be healthy