Blue corn and melons: meet the seed keepers reviving ancient, resilient crops – In north-western New Mexico, traditional Indigenous farming methods are being passed down to protect against the effects of climate crisis

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> In the summer, this otherwise dry stretch of land turns into a “food forest”, said Lowden, pulling up a photo on his phone showing lush rows of corn, intercropped with Hopi yellow beans, and Acoma winter squash – the “three sisters” of Pueblo agriculture. > On the edges of the field are giant heirloom sunflowers – used to attract pollinators – and rows of amaranth. “By companion cropping, you’re replicating those systems you see in nature,” said Lowden, describing the traditional Indigenous practice of interplanting crops to deter weeds and pests, maintain moisture and enrich the soil. “This is thousands of years of knowledge passed down,” he added.


Local here. Just FYI, it’s pronounced “ACK-comma”, not “a coma”.


I’m sure Montesano will find a reason to sue them…


I better start seeing some blue melons, or an Oxford Comma, real quick…


Climate crisis???