Book recommendations for Ukrainian/Ruthenian history?

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The gates of Europe by Serhii Plokhy is a good start.


You could check out authors that write about Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth or Grand duchy of Lithuania as well – Ukraine was an important part of it. Nos specific authors come to mind in the moment though.


Hiya, I love Anna Reid’s works *Borderland: A Journey through the History of Ukraine *and *Leningrad: Tragedy of a City Under Siege, 1941-1944 * *Borderland* seems more aligned with what you are looking for but I tell everyone about *Leningrad* any chance I can. Amazing works blending social, political and military history. Best of luck!


You might try *With their Backs to the Mountains: A History of Carpathian Rus’ and Carpatho-Rusyns* by Paul Robert Magocsi. This covers ancient/pre-history.


Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin from Timothy Snyderand the movie : Come and See. both detail the ukrainian hunger crisis called Holodomor . a very important event that defined modern ukraine. Edit: Come and see is about Belarus under nazi rule not related to ukraine.