Canada to send heavy artillery weapons to Ukraine, Justin Trudeau pledges

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We could send the geese.


> Canada will send heavy artillery weapons to Ukraine as the land battle with Russia intensifies, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Tuesday, describing the fight with Moscow as a struggle for liberty and democracy. > > “Ukrainians have fought like heroes over the past number of months and they’re not just fighting for Ukraine, they are fighting for the values that underpin so many of our free and democratic societies,” Mr. Trudeau said during a visit to New Brunswick. > > He offered no more details on the promised weapons shipment, saying these would come later. Heavy artillery guns can fire large-calibre shells at long-range – much further than infantry weapons.


Everyone cracking jokes should look up the M777 Howitzer, particularly the Canadian variant. Add in the Excalibur shells and the fact a crew of five can operate it and realize it’s a fantastic gun to be sending. These things were deadly in Afghanistan.


Trudeau is right … describing the fight with Moscow as a struggle for liberty and democracy. Ukraine is fighting a giant and a slingshot with a stone in it — just won’t do. They are fighting for all …. who want to remain free.


Uh, what heavy artillery? The heaviest we had in decades were the M109s retired decades ago, and only a hundred or so of then max… no MLRS, the M777 we currently have isn’t exactly something we have a pile of to spare.