Cancer Cluster Probe at NJ HS Underway After 100+ Diagnosed With Brain Tumors

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Our high school had lead in the drinking water. The administration knew about it for years. It wasn’t until some kids took some water to a university testing lab that anyone gave a damn.


nearest underfunded Superfund site?


I saw this in the New York Post’s article about it a few days ago: >”Lupiano told NJ Spotlight News that the school is located less than 12 miles from the Middlesex Sampling Plant — a site that was used, under the direction of the Manhattan Project, to crush, dry, store, package and ship uranium ore for the development of the atomic bomb.” this_is_fine.jpg


Anybody have a bit more info on the type of tumor? All the article said was that it was benign. Are we talking meningioma? My wife had a large one removed last thanksgiving. I am curious.


All NJ Schools are filled with asbestos